Mission & Values

We believe that life’s transitions are where all transformation occurs, if you learn to wait and let it form you.

We are here to help you find the courage and means to open your eyes, open your hands, and discover you’ve been holding the keys the whole time.  And together, we open the door to your next.

Our work flows out of the values below:

The goal of every transition is to gain clear understanding: to know what is transforming inside you and move forward with the courage your circumstances demand.

Conventional wisdom says go through a door one person at a time.  We believe every person is meant to cross life’s most formative thresholds together.

The most wonderful and outlandish thing you will do during a transition is let kindness – your own and that of others – transform you.  This point is critical, for all lasting purpose and joy hinges upon it.

Hoping for the best is not a strategy.  Anything worth finding – like a meaningful life – is done with intention.  The choices ahead are challenging, no doubt.  They are there to not just scare you, but invite you.

The words you speak and say matter: they will lead you to what is true and ready to come out.  Your words have the power to unlock the mystery of who you are to become and what’s worth creating with your one precious life.