David and Katie’s Story: Vocation as a Journey

We began working with Jon to explore vocational calling during the final year of Dave’s doctorate degree in clinical psychology. Then the real exploration began when Jon coached both of us as we were about to finish up a year long residency in Hawaii.

We knew that we wanted adventure to be a big part of our lives but weren’t sure exactly how that would look. One of our favorite exercises Jon had us complete was story writing. This drew out some of Dave’s self-doubts and Katie’s fears. Once they were on the table we could address them so they didn’t undermine God’s calling on our lives.

After working with Jon, we went on to live in Guam and serve Chamorro people. This adventure then led us to one of the biggest decision of our married lives: opening our home to foster children. We have since adopted the foster daughter we met while in Guam and are hoping to adopt our current foster daughter.

Liminal Space provides the key ingredients needed to navigate life’s future uncertainty. Rather than espousing a “pray and wait” approach, its all about “pray and actively discern”. Jon will provide you with the self-knowledge crucial to choosing a path, exercises to imagine a future, and encouragement to build motivation to pursue that future. We are extremely grateful to him.

Our most recent adventure has led us to open our own joint private practice therapy clinic in northern Utah (www.OgdenCenterforChange.com), which fulfills one of the dreams we conjured while with Liminal Space: working as a husband and wife team.

David Johnson, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist