Bary’s Story: Weightless Moments


I first met Jon and the work of Liminal Space over two years ago at a conference in Chicago.  Jon courageously shared a story of transition and discovery.  His story of sliding off a roof and into a deeper story of trusting God intrigued me.  As Jon further detailed his story of risk and adventure he spoke of similar questions that I was wrestling with – What does it mean to take risk and live adventurously?  How do I live out this one, glorious life God has given me?  Is what I desire for impact in the world and the calling God’s placed on my life lessened due to existing commitments?  I was living with resignation and passivity in a lot of areas – work, family and relationships.  I had bought into the “American dream” – find a comfortable job, make a nice living and plan for retirement.  I was bored, life was too comfortable.  And I wanted more.

I connected with Jon after the conference and we began working together to unearth my story, desires and gifts along with a deeper sense of my calling in the world. .  While most of our sessions were over Skype, I would occasionally travel to Seattle on business.  These trips provided the unique opportunity to meet with Jon in person.  These sessions usually involved some form of physical activity.  One of the more significant experiences was going to a trapeze studio with Jon – not the conventional meeting!  I had never experienced a trapeze and have some fear of heights.  With trepidation, I entered into the adventure.  We engaged our bodies and moved into the fear of the unknown – fortunately, with a net below!  The primary metaphor our instructors utilized was to move in the “weightless moments”.  There is an ideal point in the swing of the trapeze when it is significantly easier to maneuver to change positions or to engage a trick.  If we move against the “weightless moments” we are fighting gravity, making the movements much more difficult.  Finding these ideal moments in our life is about patience, preparation, listening and practice.  Transitions are all about the “weightless moments” in life, and it is where the best potential exists for transformation, for joy, for redemption.

One of Jon’s quotes was particularly moving for me – “a person who lives in ignorance of their heart’s cry and the stories they’ve been formed by will always find themselves in a land that they never intended to reside in or inherit.”  Jon’s empathy, engagement and ability to ask probing questions were instrumental in my transformation toward a deeper understanding of my heart’s desires and the themes of my life.  Jon engaged my story with an intentional presence and guided my discoveries.  He is like a forensic detective sifting through the debris of both our joyful stories and our difficult stories.  Together, we discovered more of how I am to bring redemption to the world.

Subsequent to the work with Jon, I am working one-on-one with several men to engage their stories and to bring more clarity to their journey.  In addition, I have been taking risks to walk with clients in a deeper manner awakening their hearts to more sensitivity and vulnerability.  I am swinging into those “weightless moments” with more confidence and intentionality!




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