Name it. Feel it. Move it.

COVID-19 Liminal Space tip of the week:“When you name it, you feel it and it moves through you. Emotions need motion. . . . Fighting it doesn’t help because your body is producing the feeling.”1  And your body will continue to produce the feeling, even if you think you’ve successfully buried it. You only buried it alive and it will find a way out.A few weeks ago we were plunged into a global “liminal space” – that intensely uncomfortable space between an ending... continue reading

These Uncertain Times

My three boys and their cards for our next-door neighbor, Ellen.A month ago, the kids were in school, we were shaking hands and had no awareness of social distance.  Words like pandemic and global recession weren’t on my radar.  Coronavirus was this far away thing on the news.  Last week, my next-door neighbor died from the virus.  His name was Alan.  I didn’t know Alan really.  We’ve only lived as neighbors for not even a year.&nb... continue reading

The Parable of the Trapeze

I often reference the metaphor of trapezing when navigating through a major life transition. I've made it a living metaphor, having personal experience with what it's like to leap from a platform 30 feet up in the air and feel my body hurtling toward another set of hands that I'm told are going to catch me."Legs off!" The instructor yells. What a terrifying and thrilling invitation.Trapeze is quite an apt metaphor for transition, don't you think? We are between "what was" and "w... continue reading

On Rest, Work and Burnout

Do you ever have those weeks—or series of weeks—in which one by one, things pile up: frustrations, to-do lists, exhausting work days, injuries, cancelled plans, etc., and then you’re just walking along in this fog of fatigue and realize you’ve hit your limit. If you’re lucky, you recognize this is happening and take steps to combat it before you reach burnout. But oftentimes, I’ve found, I have to get pretty tripped up before I’m willing to address that slow and steady progression ... continue reading

Being Found by Mollie Taylor

 Did you ever think that the ache in your gut Could one day transform into such a treasure as this: The way your heart has come alive, Been given a voice—and space and reverence, The way your words which spring from this aching heart Find resonance and meaning in the hearts and lives of others.This is the radical hope of renewal: That in the face of all the beauty and pain, You choose, finally, not to run but to turn And face the presence of every other aching heart Longi... continue reading

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