Being Found by Mollie Taylor

 Did you ever think that the ache in your gut Could one day transform into such a treasure as this: The way your heart has come alive, Been given a voice—and space and reverence, The way your words which spring from this aching heart Find resonance and meaning in the hearts and lives of others.This is the radical hope of renewal: That in the face of all the beauty and pain, You choose, finally, not to run but to turn And face the presence of every other aching heart Longi... continue reading

Barn raising: thoughts on going through change with the help of others.

In the summer of 1983, a tornado cut its way through rolling hills of Holmes County, Ohio.  It only took twenty minutes to gouge 15 acres of land, destroying a forest of magnificent, 100-year-old hard woods.  Trees weren’t the only casualty that day.  Four Amish barns were also leveled.  As though the tornado had been given a mandate to destroy them, these four magnificent pieces of Amish craftsmanship were turned into nothing more than kindling.  For the Amish farmer, or any farmer for t... continue reading

For 2018, Dig Deep and Keep Promises, Not Resolutions

So many friends and colleagues I’ve spoken with have a common sentiment as they look back on 2017 – “I’m so tired.” It appears for many, this past year took a toll. When I look back on my year, by all accounts I should be cheering. But I, too, feel a weariness. Some of the exhaustion is like the thrill of crossing a finish line after a marathon. But some is because my soul is fatigued from the heartaches of “real life,” and the continued glimpse of humanity at its worst that 2... continue reading

Liminal Space Fundraiser Breakfast – September 2017

On Thursday, September 28, we hosted over 42 guests at our annual fundraiser breakfast at The PIER Learning Center.  It was an incredible morning of great food, mimosas, and inspiring client stories of transformation during some of life's most turbulent life transitions.That morning, our Liminal Space partners helped raise nearly $30,000 to continue our work in the coming year!  As we close out 2017 soon we are incredibly grateful for those who continue to believe in our mission and who... continue reading

To Be Told Simulcast with Dr. Dan Allender

Register Here. Friday, October 13, 6:30 - 8:30 pmSaturday, October 14, 9:00 am - 4:30 pmCost: $25 per personThe PIER Learning Center at Liminal Space is hosting a live simulcast of the To Be Told Conference with Dr. Dan Allender.  Dan has been a story sojourner for more than 30 years. He brings his own vulnerability and kind spirit to his teaching as he challenges individuals, couples, and communities to do the important, holy work of entering their stories with grace, courage, ... continue reading

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