Rachel’s Story: Purpose in Vocation

I’ve been working with Jon on and off for four years and it’s without a doubt one of the best investments I’ve made in my life.When I started with him, I just thought I needed a new job. But, honestly, I needed a new approach to life. At the time I was jumping from one job to another hoping and praying one would ‘stick.’ So when I found out about Jon’s work, I decided to see what it meant to ‘transition well’ – what did I have to lose?Working with Jon was an investment ... continue reading

Michelle’s Story

I was introduced to Jon DeWaal and Liminal Space when I took a Vocation class at The Seattle School. I loved the class and the way Jon and his associate helped me think about the potential to create a career that included my personal dreams and goals (like incorporating food and cooking into group therapy). I was in the middle of a divorce after being married almost 32 years. I hadn’t worked since I’d had my first child when I was 24. I was taking one step at a time, one class at a... continue reading

Ethan’s Story: Capacity to Engage

I got tricked into counseling. First by my wife, then by a God ordained meeting. My wife politely forced me to join a marriage class at the City Church in Seattle, WA focused on relationships, communication and attachment theory. I began learning about self-awareness and EQ. During 2013, my work life began to suffer as other colleagues and I began suffering from frequent anxiety attacks and a loss of drive/passion/focus due to a debilitating and stifling organizational culture. I had moved my en... continue reading

A Dark & Holy Night

A few years ago my family and some friends decided to go caroling.  We bundled up, handed out song sheets and hit the streets of our neighborhood on a dark and rainy December evening walking door to door to spread Christmas cheer.Now, most of us had never caroled like this before, actually singing to our neighbors.  We really didn't know what to expect.  Walking to the first couple of houses we joked, "What if they don't open the door, or worse, turn off their lights and hide!"  That... continue reading

Bary’s Story: Weightless Moments

I first met Jon and the work of Liminal Space over two years ago at a conference in Chicago.  Jon courageously shared a story of transition and discovery.  His story of sliding off a roof and into a deeper story of trusting God intrigued me.  As Jon further detailed his story of risk and adventure he spoke of similar questions that I was wrestling with – What does it mean to take risk and live adventurously?  How do I live out this one, glorious life God has given me?  Is what I desir... continue reading