Bruce’s Story: A Message to Share

At the age of 39, I left my comfortable and peaceful life in NC and moved with my wife and three young Children to pursue my Masters in Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. It was a complete whirlwind; I completed a three-year program in two years.  Jon and I met as I was transitioning from a graduate student back into the non-academic world. I was drawn to Jon and Liminal Space because of our shared business background and his experience at The Seattle School. I was looking for a companion during a difficult period of my life, and had no idea what I wanted or where our time together would take us.

When we met I was struggling with my finances and my future. When I left NC and my comfortable commercial real estate business, my finances looked excellent, however, as graduation approached they were a disaster because of the economic collapse in the fall of 2008 (my first semester I graduate school). There were many days where fear paralyzed and consumed me regarding my uncertain my financial future.  Jon was a safe place for me to share my financial terror while also kindly pointing me to wonder and be curious about my future place in the world.  It was this combination of a safe harbor and his invitation to share my message with the world, which propelled me forward.

Jon helped me see that truth that my voice and story had power, validity and needed to be shared, which contrasted my prior life of hiding, shame and fear. I am eternally grateful for his patience and grace during those periods when I fled and hid my voice, and for his strength and courage to consistently invite me to offer my uniqueness to the world.  As a result of work together, I am passionate about alleviating and reducing psychological suffering and pain in the world to athletes, coaches and parents. I am a continual work in progress, refining my message (with Jon’s help) and offering hope, a safe place and kindness to a hurting world.

The one piece of advice I would give to someone who is in the middle of a life transition is to understand that they are not alone. Others have gone before them and experienced similar situations, emotions and tribulations. You are not alone. You are not alone. You are not alone. Ever.

The words thank you fail to describe the gratitude I have for Jon’s role and continual presence in my life.

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