Couple Transitions

When couples face a transition—be it a new baby, moving to a new city, retirement, an empty nest, or another paradigm shift—it is quite normal to move through it on parallel tracks. Together, you are moving in the same direction, but rarely finding meaningful intersections of intimacy, purpose or contribution. .

At Liminal Space, we want you to grow together as a couple during a transition, not get farther apart. We’ll help you discover how you can cultivate your relationship during transition and start on a path toward a shared vision and story.

Without a solid understanding of how to work together during life-altering transitions, relationships can become painfully difficult and lonely. Intentionally seeking the help of a Liminal Guide can help ensure you find a good track.

What Should We Expect?

Through our sessions, you’ll develop a shared vision for your future, learn to incorporate play and activity into your lives, and build a future that honors both individual’s unique contribution and desires to form meaningful intersections with each other and your community.

You’ll grow together as a couple to courageously approach your next transition as intimate allies, rather than feuding foes, or perhaps worse, absentee housemates.

This work will help you:

  • Begin to actively engage with each other in the places of entrenchment and possibility.
  • Discover how to create meaningful intersections.
  • Construct a shared vision for your future.
  • Build connection into your daily lives.
  • Create action steps to continually work on your relationship.
  • Receive accountability and coaching to help you appreciate your transition.

The Liminal Space process is active and allows you to play and interact in a variety of ways. There will be homework some weeks with creativity other weeks, but ultimately we’ll be working towards building a common goal with exploration and curiosity.

What Is The Investment?

Our Couples Transitions investment varies by Liminal Guide, with fees ranging $400-$700 per month.  Included in this fee are two 90-minute session along with our analysis and interpretation of the tools we have designed for reflection. The typical Liminal Space Couple’s journey lasts 6 months.

Where Does the Work Happen?

We will meet in-person at the Liminal Space offices in Edmonds, WA. If in-person appointments are not feasible, we can work remotely via Zoom.

Why Six Months?

Each couple travels at their own velocity, and there is no way to predict how far one can navigate in six months. We require a minimum six-month commitment to ensure the right effort is sustained through all aspects of the journey. Upon completion, an extension will can be explored and mutually agreed upon.

How Do We Start?

Schedule an exploratory meeting to learn more about our process and how we can help your relationship.

Schedule an exploratory session