PLC 104Calling, Gifts and Purpose: Charting a course to your future

Learning Facilitator: Jon DeWaal
2-9-2018 5:00 PM
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Calling. Gifts. Purpose. These words are often lumped together but
they really shouldn’t be. While they are inextricably linked, each word
has a unique set of questions to explore and answer.

• Calling: What is it, really? Do I have one?
• Gifts: What are my talents? How do I cultivate them?
• Purpose: What is it? How do I apply it?

Join us as we break down and clarify these concepts in three
sessions to help you redefine them to fit God’s truths.

PLC 101: Demystify Finding Your Calling
PLC 102: Discovering Your Unique Gifts & Talents
PLC 103: Finding Purpose and the Courage to Be Here

Together with your group, you’ll learn how myths and flawed
assumptions may be arresting the discovery of your calling and the
purpose for your life. You’ll create steps to practically plot a course
for the next year to find how to live a full and rich life through calling,
purpose, and your God-given gifts.


Meet Your Learning Facilitator

Jon DeWaal serves as the Executive Director and Life Transition Guide at Liminal Space. Throughout his personal life and professional career, Jon has discovered that handling transition well will allow for a deeper and more fulfilling life.


This course has no reviews

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