PLC101Demystify Finding Your Calling

Learning Facilitator: Jon DeWaal
10-6-2017 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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How many of us have heard someone say, “God called me to…” and wanted to throw up, punch them in the face and resisted all we could to not roll our eyes? Why do we have these reactions to such spiritualized realizations? It’s because deep down we long for it to be true but remain uncertain, especially if we’ve never experienced it.

The truth is God does have intentions and hopes for our lives that don’t fall into the form of a linear recipe. Much like the endless creativity he used to create the world (and you), the stories of our lives and our agency in the world unfold in a dynamic co-authoring between us and God. The desires he places in our heart are meant for us to discover and translate into the way we live out our faith in the world. If we are honest, most of us hate this part. We would much rather God send us a telegram and tell us what to do.

In this workshop, you will learn what myths and flawed assumptions may be arresting your discovery of true calling. You will experiment with rescripting those messages with liberating options that invite a more dynamic understanding of calling and the honest naming of desires buried deep within your heart.


Discovering strands in my life that give clues of calling for me---- encouraging!
Micki | July 13, 2017
I attended the workshop 'Demystifying Your Calling' in January. The space was open and inviting and I was warmly welcomed as I came through the door. The workshop was a mixture of compelling presentation, question and answers, group work and sharing. The content was thought-provoking and I was struck by how much personal history and experience color words like "calling" and "purpose" for each of us. I'm glad I went.
Marcia | January 21, 2017
Graham | January 9, 2017

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