PLC 304Growing Your Small Business

Learning Facilitator: Ron Carucci
2-22-2018 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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Stepping back from working in the business to make time to work on the business.

Whether you started your business a year ago or 20, running a small business is hard work. Each year, you think about creating a growth plan, but the day-to-day stress of worrying about payroll or hiring a replacement always gets in the way. And each year, you also imagine growth, you set goals to invest in marketing to attract new customers. You want to bring in new technologies but the daily grind of keeping the lights on consumes your energy and attention.

Too frequently, small business owners are so immersed in their business, they don’t take the necessary time—or develop the necessary skills—to step back, build, and execute a plan for sustainable growth. Many wrongly assume their business is too small to benefit from the disciplines of strategy, identity, scale, and leadership to see significant growth. In this workshop, you will learn the tools needed to plot a course of viable growth for your small business. You will learn the fundamentals of small business strategy; how to identify your key strengths that differentiate you, how to make sure your business is ready to scale, and how to make sure you’re making the right investments to sustain hard won growth.

Who is this for?

This workshop is ideal for all small business owners and their leadership team.

Meet your learning facilitator

Ron Carucci serves as the chairman of our board of trustees at Liminal Space.  Ron is co-founder and managing partner at Navalent, working with CEOs and executives pursuing transformational change for their organizations, leaders, and industries.  He has a thirty year track record helping some of the world’s most influential executives tackle challenges of strategy, organization and leadership.  From start-ups to Fortune 10’s, turn-arounds to new markets and strategies, overhauling leadership and culture to re-designing for growth, he has worked in more than 25 countries on 4 continents.  He is the best-selling author of 8 books, including the recent Amazon #1 Rising to Power.  He is a regular contributor to HBR and Forbes, and has been featured in Fortune, CEO Magazine, BusinessInsider, MSNBC, Business Week, Smart Business, and thoughtleaders.

And, just for fun, check out his recent TEDx Talk below.


Kyle | March 13, 2018
Really enjoyed the group interaction and candid sharing. The ambiance and room was excellent as was the personal attention to detail - a very welcoming experience. Ron is an excellent presenter, engaging, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and animated!

KURT | February 26, 2018
Good mix of lecture-style talk, QnA sessions, self-evaluations and one-on-one consulting. The content challenged my thinking and blew my expectations out of the water. Worth far more than what was charged. Thank you!
Justin | February 24, 2018
This course on Growing your Small Business really lived up to its title. I came away with concrete ideas, tailored to my business.
I appreciated how Ron combined powerful content, hands-on learning, and engaging Q & A to keep things practical.
Paul | February 24, 2018
It was incredibly valuable to step away from the day to day to examine ways to grow my business. Ron's expertise and the input of the other participants was incredibly valuable.
Jason | February 22, 2018

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