Liminal Strengths Assessment

The navigation of significant life transition does not have to remain unpredictably tumultuous or destructive. Our research has uncovered seven very predictive attributes that can inform and foretell how well you will navigate a current or approaching transition. When we fall short in any one of them, we increase the risk of a stalled transition.

The 5 parts of the assessment.
The 5 parts of the assessment.

The Liminal Strengths assessment has been taken by hundreds of people looking to increase their odds of maneuvering successfully through the turbulence of transition. The 16-page comprehensive feedback report will help determine areas where you have transitional “strengths” that you can take advantage of in future transitions. It will also reveal areas of potential concern, as well as clear threats that could derail your journey.

Rank order of the 7 dimensions.


Transitions are life’s greatest classroom that form us into better versions of ourselves. Don’t leave your impending transition to chance. Let your Liminal Strengths assessment data help guide you more intentionally. It can be the difference between letting the path unfold haphazardly as you go, and choosing the path that guides you to the outcomes you desire most.

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