PLC902PIER Group: Know Your Story, Know Your Calling

Learning Facilitator: Jon DeWaal
10-24-2017 6:30 PM
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You have a story. Are you truly living yours?
Do you know how your story is shaping a calling?

You may wonder: “Do I really have a calling?” You have a calling worth living with courage, creativity, and hope. Aware or unaware, your story—how you got here and who you’ve become—has most significantly influenced your
major-life choices and it will continue to be the story that most shapes your future. To find and live into your calling, you must know your story.

This PIER group will focus on learning to tell your story with courage and vulnerability in a safe community, and equip you to translate your understanding into intentional steps forward into your calling.

Weeks 1-8 will focus on writing and telling your stories in search of insights that have most deeply shaped your story. Weeks 9-12 we will turn to translating those insights into a practical plan with steps for you to experiment amidst a new perspective on your life, relationships, and even God.

Who are the facilitators?

Jon DeWaal, M.Div. Jon is the founder of Liminal Space, an organization that helps mold life transitions into transformational journeys. Jon loves helping others find a clearer sense of who they are, what they want, and the courage to move forward.

Paul Gebben, LMHC. Paul is a licensed therapist, story guide, fortunate husband, and a proud father who enjoys a good hike, a great meal, and a hearty laugh.

What is a PIER group?

Often the thought of transition and change can be overwhelming… and lonely. What if you could navigate your life changes within a group of individuals who are also going through similar challenges?

PIER Groups are small groups comprised of individuals in a similar place in life and share a common story. Together you’ll be able to normalize some of the challenges, fears, hopes, and worries you’re experiencing. You’re not alone, rather you and your group members will say ‘we’re in this together’ and walk through life for a season.

Walking together within a community is an essential value for Liminal Space. You’ll do more than just sit in a group and talk about your troubles; instead, you’ll engage in each person’s dreams and desires for the future, and your fellow group members will engage in yours.

What Should I Expect?

Through groups of 8 people or less, together we will:

  • PROVOKE you to face your challenges head on including what’s holding you back.
  • INVITE you to see the possibilities of a new future.
  • EXPLORE the pathways to reshape your story with vibrancy and deep purpose.
  • RESTORE your hope and desire to imagine your life – your work, your relationships, your impact – as you’ve longed for it to be.

You are responsible for your own path, but by committing to the group, you’ll receive the accountability needed to move forward with purpose. You’ll have a select group of people who have studied your life for this season and are able to provide great pushback, perspective and ideas into your story.

Your path to transformation is active and done within community. You’ll be empowered to dream again, to envision what your future could look like. Yes, that takes work. There will be homework some weeks with creativity and activity other weeks, but ultimately together as a group led by a Liminal Guide, we’ll be working towards a common goal with exploration and curiosity.

What Is The Investment?


Where Do PIER Groups Meet?

Group meet weekly at the Liminal Space offices in Edmonds, WA.

How Do I Get Started?

Enroll by emailing us at

Come join us for a journey that will transform you and put you on a path toward your desired future!


This course has no reviews

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