Learning Facilitator: Ron Carucci
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Who is that person on the other side of the bed?
What do we do with our time now?
How do we decide what is next?

Whether you’re on the “Thank God they’re gone” end of the emotional spectrum, or the “I don’t know how I’ll live without them,” the final departure of our kids from our homes is full of all kinds of disruption and requires careful planning and thoughtful reflection.

In this humorous and poignant exploration of one of life’s most profoundly disruptive transitions, you will explore the typically unexpected questions that confront us when our kids are finally out of the house.  Some families navigate this moment gracefully, while many bump through it tumultuously. Some couples grow closer together while others discover just how much they’ve become complete strangers over the previous decades.

How do you thoughtfully plan for the new boundaries set by an empty nest? The time to consider these questions is not when they are right in front of you, but in advance of facing them.  Whether you are steeped in the midst of your empty nest season, or a few years away from it, this workshop will arm you with practical guidance on how to thrive through the transition, and come out the other side with grace and clarity about what this new season of life can offer.


This course has no reviews

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