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PLCX01Exploring and Rediscovering Faith

Transition Skills

Faith is one of the most intimate and personal matters in life. We leave our parent’s home and the faith it wasn’t safe to question while growing up. We move to a city where faith is expressed in dramatically different ways than we recognize from our childhood. We face new challenges in life which our faith seems to fail to address. Where does one go to safely and honestly question one’s faith? This workshop provides a reflective and safe environment to deal with the stress of doubt, exploration, and redefinition of the role faith plays in our lives.

PLCX02And Then There Were 3 (or 4, or 5...)

Life Stage Transitions

What new parent would say they felt prepared for life as new parents? Whether the first, second, third or more new child every successive frontier of parenting can be brutally disruptive. Routines upended, marriage strained beyond recognition, exhaustion 24/7 and the loss of a sense of freedom and life. While our babies bring us unspeakable joy, adapting to life with them does not. This workshop offers practical coping methods and solutions for parents facing the stresses of family “at a new size” and helps “normalize” the turbulence that accompanies babies.

PLCX03Life After Divorce

Life Stage Transitions

Fewer ruptures in life cause more chronic agony than divorce, especially after a long season of marriage. Every aspect of life requires redefinition. While “divorce recovery” groups offer a sense of community and emotional healing, the practical requirements of transition still need to be addressed. Reentering the workplace. how to decide whether or not to reenter the dating world, and if so how? Financial realities that starkly change. Learning to co-parent in a civil way. Relocating and packing up a home containing decades of memories. Learning to trust after the agony of betrayal. The self-contempt and self-doubt that accompanies the ultimate in rejection. These are all transitional realities requiring practical solutions. This workshop provides a compassionate environment in which to build a custom transitional plan to re-enter singlehood and build a meaningful life after divorce.

PLCX04Diagnosed - Life With a Serious Illness

Life Stage Transitions

It’s eveyone’s worst nightmare. A diagnosis of a serious, life threatening illness. Everything is changed in an instant. Survival replaces every other priority. Now there are physical, financial, professional, relational, familial realities for which nobody is prepared. The lament: “I don’t even know where to begin” is often the outcry of newly diagnosed patients and their loved ones and caregivers. This workshop provides a caring environment in which to explore a comprehensive look at the many aspects of life that must be reoriented and managed on the journey after receiving a serious health diagnosis.

PLCX05Life After Recovery

Transition Skills

The journey of recovery from addictive choices is a courageous, but painful one. But, what often proves to be as challenging is the new found freedom that accompanies life after recovery. Learning to exercise new choice-making muscles. Learning to re-orient a social life. Learning to keep one’s guard while still trusting relationships. The wounds that often lead to addictive choices often remain, and rear their heads when adapting to life after a recovery process. To avoid regression back to poor choices, a solid set of transition skills – relationship building with healthy boundaries, decision making, learning to trust our own desires and will, and establishing community are vital to sustaining life after recovery. This workshop helps participants build a roadmap to sustain hard-won freedom from addictive choices while continuing to build important life skills that allow freedom to flourish.

PLCX06Self-Care for Moms

Transition Skills

There’s no job harder than being a mom, whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom. Women by nature put their own needs behing everyone else they serve, often leading to burnout, resentment, and chronic exhaustion. The thought of self-care leads to guilt, shame, inadequacy, and resentment. This workshop will help busy and overwhelmed moms learn ways to make simple choices that allow prioritizing their own needs to replenish, rejuenate, and restore their own physical, emotional, and social energy and vitality.

PLCX07The Entrepeneur in You

Career Transitions

Starting your own business isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve had a dream of being your own boss and starting that business, this workshop will help you understand all of the aspects of getting your new venture off on the right foot, and avoiding the high failure rates of many start-ups. From funding, to feasibility, to strategy, to the vast learning curve of all you have to know to start and run your own successful small business, this workshop provides a complete blueprint for everything you need to know about starting a successful small business.

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