Joe’s Story: Capture Purpose


In 2010, after working with a NGO in South America, Joe Tobiason returned to the United States and began working for a video game company dealing with unhappy customers who were concerned about a product that he cared very little about. He was good at his job, but that wasn’t enough to keep doing it.

Unsatisfied with this work, Joe realized he needed something that would invigorate his life. He had been dabbling in wedding photography on the side and initially he thought going full time as a wedding photographer would be a failure.  But gradually, through the transformative work at Liminal Space, Joe came to see that wedding photography was the very thing he had been searching for and the energizing his life needed.

Joe’s passion to create images that celebrate the world we live in and the people who inhabit it has led him to build a successful career where he is now self-employed as a photographer at JTobiason Photography. Although this means twenty-five weddings a year, it has also taken him around the world with NGO’s that are doing vital humanitarian work. With the exciting career he now has, Joe asks the question, almost daily, “How is this my life?”


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