Liminal Guide Certificate Program

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***Next cohort begins Fall 2022!***

Over the last twelve years of growing Liminal Space, many have asked about the unique approach we use here.  We also heard stories from past clients of how they applied what they learned in our work to other parts of their lives.  We’ve kept hearing consistently, “You need to teach other people how to do this stuff!”  A few years ago, that is what we set out to do.

What is it?

The Liminal Guide Certificate Program is a 5-month online program designed to train helping professionals and advisors in the art of guiding major life transitions.  Big life changes leave many feeling stuck, aimless and confused as they face profound challenges and uncertainty.  Under such conditions, the best way forward for anyone is with the help of a good guide.

One of our goals is to train Life Transition Guides who can help others face the challenges of their current reality with both “clear-eyed realism and unparalleled hope”.

Who is this for?

The Liminal Guide Certificate Program is for anyone looking to join a community of like-minded advisors who wish to better guide others through life’s most turbulent transitions. This program will help you reach new levels of care and leadership in whatever context you find yourself in.

This training is designed for:

  • Therapists or counselor looking to broaden their impact and offerings
  • Life coaches
  • Current or former pastors and lay leaders
  • Managers and team leaders
  • Career counselors
  • Spiritual directors
  • That person whom everyone says, “you give great advice!”

What will I learn?

At the core of your learning will be the Liminal Space methodology for guiding others through any major transition.  You will learn the core guiding principles, but more so how to apply those principles to the particularity of whatever life transition you find yourself leading.

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect to learn in the program:

  • The Liminal Space methodology for guiding others through the five phases for any transition
  • An honest engagement of your personal transition history and its bearing on your future
  • The psychology and spirituality of various types of life transition
  • Data analysis and pattern recognition relevant to different transitions and narratives
  • How to use psychometric tools (e.g. Strengths Finders, Liminal Strengths Assessment, Enneagram, Etc.) for diagnosis and to articulate insights
  • How to make insightful and realistic articulation of transitional and vocational goals
  • How to effectively create labs and experiments that promote learning and discover
  • How to establish meaningful support structures that enable successful transitioning
  • How to build a successful practice as a certified Life Transition Guide

What are the dates and times?

The primary Classroom time happens weekly and will be on Mondays.  We will meet from 1pm-3:30PM PT.

The Peer Coaching Sessions, Certification Sessions, and 1×1 Coaching Sessions are scheduled after the start of the program.

What can I expect?

Our training program includes more than 80 hours of instruction and hands-on learning.  Each participant will receive our Certification Guidebook which includes all course material as well as over 200 pages of case study material derived from real Liminal Space client journeys.

There are six distinct layers to our learning model:

  • Classroom (Full Cohort) – Twenty classroom sessions (2.5 hrs. each) designed for teaching and discussion of course content.
  • Learning Teams (3-4 pp) – One time a month group discussions (2 hrs. each) around course content including readings, teachings and case studies.  Each team member will have an opportunity to facilitate the monthly discussion.
  • Monthly Peer Coaching Sessions – Two times a month of one-to-one coaching sessions designed to put into practice the principles and skills for guiding a transition.  At the beginning of the program you will be paired with one person in the cohort for the duration of the program.
  • Four Certification Sessions – Certification sessions with a program facilitator taking place during peer coaching sessions.
  • Three 1×1 Coaching Sessions – These will take place at regular intervals with one of the program facilitators.
  • Homework – There will be preparatory readings, writing assignments or activities to support learning and development through out the program.

Where will we be meeting?

For now, due to Coronavirus the cohort will be meeting online over Zoom.  This will be for classroom time, peer coaching session, 1×1 coaching sessions with a program facilitator, and the certification sessions.  We’ll see how things begin to take shape as the Fall approaches.

How big is the cohort?

Space is limited.  We like to keep a smaller learning environment, so no more than 12 participants will be in your cohort.  You will get to know these new friends quite well.  We find that even after the program is complete the friendships that have formed continue on.

What is the investment?

The cost for the program is $5,500.  There is a $250 application fee that will be deducted from your balance upon acceptance into the program.  This tuition price includes the cost of materials such as the certification guide book, self-assessment and inventory tools.  Payment is due upon acceptance into the program.  Upon request, payment can be split evenly over the first three months upon acceptance.

Join us!

As we live our lives, one thing is guaranteed: turbulent change followed by seasons of uncertainty.  The world needs more caring and qualified guides to help lead the way through.  Let us equip you to further help others embrace life’s most turbulent and formative transitions so that they can lead more creative and courageous lives.  This most sacred work begins with your growth and transformation.  We eagerly anticipate how the journey through this program will transform you.  Join us!

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying, or would like to learn more about the program, schedule an exploratory meeting. Upon expressing interest in the program, an interview can be set up with Jon DeWaal, the founder and lead facilitator at Liminal Space.

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