Liminal Guide Certificate Program

Are you in a helping profession where people rely on your advice, and looking to broaden your impact and repertoire?

Are you advising others as a life coach, career counselor, therapist, spiritual director, pastor, school guidance counselor, or great friend about whom everyone says, “you give great advice!”, but looking to take your game to a whole new level?

Do you sometimes feel unsure of how to best guide your clients in particularly challenging moments of life transition?

Become a Certified Life Transition Guide!

Over the last ten years of growing Liminal Space, many have asked us about the approach we use here. Many have wondered if was a way they could learn how to use it in other aspects of life. We have a specific approach to assessment with our Liminal Strengths Assessment. We also have a specific approach to unearthing hidden desires through our Stories from the Future approach.

As past clients have shared stories of how they’ve employed what they’ve learned in our work to other parts of their lives, they’ve consistently said, “Jon, you need to teach other people how to do this stuff.” When I hear painful stories of how my clients’ past experiences of unhelpful advice or misdiagnosed transitions have set them back, I see now more than ever, the need to share what has made us successful over the last decade.

Are you ready to join a community of like-minded advisors guiding others through life’s most turbulent transitions? If so, the Liminal Guide Certificate program may be for you.

You can become a Certified Transition Coach, equipped to guide others through significant life transitions. This 9-month intensive program will be kept intimate in approach and number (with only 12 slots).

During this comprehensive program, you’ll learn:

  • An honest engagement of your personal transition history and its bearing on your future
  • The Liminal Space methodology for guiding others through transition
  • The psychology and spirituality of various types of life transition
  • How to use psychometric tools (e.g. Strengths Finders, Liminal Strengths Assessment, etc) for diagnosis and to articulate insights
  • Data analysis and pattern recognition relevant to different transitions
  • To make insightful and realistic articulation of transitional and vocational goals
  • To effectively create lab and experiments that promote learning and discovery
  • How to establish meaningful support structures that enable successful transitioning
  • ​We already have spots filled in this first cohort and space is limited, so don’t wait!

For your first year’s certification, you will get:

  • Four live 3 day workshops (including meals)
  • Monthly peer coaching sessions
  • Three 3-hour zoom working sessions
  • Five paired certification sessions
  • Three 1×1 coaching sessions with program facilitator and Liminal Guide
  • More than 80 hours of instruction and hands-on learning (the equivalent of a two-year Masters degree!)
  • Custom Certification Guidebook and more than 200 pages of case study materials
  • Intimate, personalized learning in groups no larger than 4

What is the investment?

The cost for the program is $5,000.  There is a $250 application fee that will be deducted from your balance upon acceptance into the program.  This tuition price includes the cost of materials such as self-assessment and inventory tools.

*Payment plans available upon request.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying, or would like to learn more about the The Liminal Guide Certification, contact us at

Join us!  Transform your own journey while learning to help transform others’!

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