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Amber North

Amber North serves part time as a Liminal Guide at Liminal Space in the Kirkland, WA area.  She holds a BA from Northwestern University, an MPhil from Cambridge University, and is a Certified Life Transition Guide through Liminal Space.  Amber works as the Director of a set of family shelters program in King County.  She lives in Kirkland with her sister and their dog, and enjoys many of the typical PNW things like time outdoors, local food and wine, and making music with family. Amber considers herself an interfaith/interspiritual Christ follower and is comfortable providing care in a particular faith, multifaith, or no faith framework.


My role as your Liminal Guide:

Much of my life’s work thus far has been accompanying individuals and organizations through transitions.   I have worked as an academic, social worker, spiritual companion and facilitator, and most recently as a non-profit leader for a set of emergency services for families experiencing homelessness.

I am passionate about helping others to overcome trauma, grief, oppression, confusion, and major changes, so that they can uncover their own unique potential for participation in the larger story of justice and healing that we are all writing together. So that they can, as Francis Buechner put it, find “the place where your deepest gladness and the world’s deepest hunger meet.” 

I believe that liminal spaces are sacred pockets of the human journey that, when attuned to properly, have the power to call that place out clearly like never before.

As a liminal guide, I try to utilize my varied background, in the study of philosophy and theology, as well as in social work and leadership, to help you construct the intentional journey that arrives there. To be a partner and companion with you to go on, as Elizbeth Gilbert calls it, the physics of the Quest: that is something like an answer-seeking journey (either externally or internally), where, if you bravely set out to leave what was behind, and accept everything that happens to you along the way as a clue, and if you prepare to forgive others and yourself, then “the truth will not be withheld from you”.

I know the power of such truth. I have experienced it firsthand as a guidee, who came to Liminal Space in search of answers myself after much loss.  And I also experience this truth as a social worker and transition guide who sits across from people who inspire me with their resilience and stories every day.

I provide guidance well, primarily, for three groups of people:

(1) Folks that are currently going through vocational discernment (be that a young adult who is looking for purpose, someone going through a career change, someone who wants to contribute but is feeling stuck, or someone wanting to reconnect to calling after the ending of a different chapter)

(2) Folks seeking structure after prolonged trauma (be that the end of a relationship, abuse or tragedy, or a compounded set of events… sometimes we need a guide to help with the one day at a time that leads to the “next”)

(3)  Helping professionals and managers who are looking for resiliency as they navigate change and upheaval  (As a manager who has led a group of essential workers through pandemic times….I know how badly this can be needed.)

I am available for one-on-ones, intensives, and workshops in these connected areas.

Thank you for your interest in me as a guide, and congratulations in taking this courageous step!