Marisa Gronholz

Marisa Gronholz

Marisa serves as a Liminal Guide. Human flourishing is at the center of my work. There is nothing I love more than seeing people become more fully who they are so they can be active participants in their own lives, and be agents of healing and restoration in their relationships and in the world. That deep commitment to see people flourish led me to church work for the first part of my career, serving in both small and large church contexts, and has more recently led me to consulting and coaching work outside of the church, working with businesses on staff health and morale as well as comprehensive culture change. She received her Bachelor’s degree in English from Seattle Pacific University, and a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. Marisa joined Liminal Space after becoming a Certified Life Transition Guide. In addition to guiding individual transitions, Marisa enjoys guiding business, faith communities and nonprofits through change. She also enjoys speaking and leading retreats on a variety of topics, all in the service of helping people become more fully themselves.

My role as your Liminal Guide

“I found myself lost in a dark wood…”—These are the opening lines of my favorite translation of Dante’s Inferno. We may not be facing an epic journey into the afterlife as in Dante’s legendary poem, but we all know what it feels like to find ourselves lost in the dark. To not know where are going. To feel stuck, unclear, either numbed-out or in panicked paralysis as we face the reality that we have no idea what to do or even where to start. In this dark wood we ask ourselves the question, “what do I do now?”

And like Dante’s protagonist, it is in those dark, lost moments when we need a guide. Dante had Virgil and you have…me. I may not be an epic character from ancient literature, but I can promise these things about our work together:

I will LISTEN with empathy and curiosity…And I’m not just talking about me passively sitting there while you talk. That is for a different kind of work. I am referring to, what one of my favorite writers calls, “listening to your LIFE”…I will listen to your life and I will help you do the same.

I will be curious about you and will invite you to be curious about yourself. You are a beautiful mystery to be uncovered and you are forever changing. Getting honest data about your beautiful self requires radical curiosity in the form of courageous questions and cutting-edge diagnostic tools and I am committed to asking the former and constantly exploring and obtaining expertise in the latter.

I will GUIDE collaboratively and creatively: I can’t do this work for you, there is no magic wand that can catapult you, me, Dante or anyone else to Paradise. This will take commitment from you and a willingness to be open and experiment. Seasons of transitions, times where we “find ourselves lost” necessitate creativity—the ability to think outside of our familiar maps, and narratives. We need guidance to explore outside the small boxes of the things we’ve “always done” and the “ways we’ve always done them.”

Times of transition and change in our lives can rival Dante’s 9 circles of hell to be sure. The work required in those times is heavy and unyielding. You don’t need to carry it all on your own. I am here and looking forward to working together to navigate your NEXT.

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