Shonnie Scott

Ruth Seidel

Ruth serves as a Liminal Guide.  She is a Canadian raised in Calgary, Alberta.  She received a BA in Business from the University of Washington and has done graduate work at Regent College.  Ruth is a certified spiritual director and retired ordained pastor.  She served for 4 years as a pastor at Bethany Community Church in North Seattle.   After completing her certification as a Life Transition Guide, Ruth joined the team at Liminal Space.

Ruth lives in North Seattle and has enjoyed the outdoor life of the PNW for forty years.  She loves to share this world with her five grandchildren. 


My role as your Liminal Guide:

I have spent my life creating opportunities for others to have life-changing encounters with God or a Higher Power or the Divine or Love.  These opportunities often come during life’s most turbulent transitions, and when embraced can lead to impactful and joyful personal and professional transformations. 

I have come to know the value of transitions through many of my own:

  • Immigrating to the USA when I was an 18 year old student
  • My marriage and all the transformation it has held over the past 45 years
  • Parenting, from birth through empty nesting and beyond
  • A late-in-life career change (I became a pastor at 60)
  • Providing care for elderly parents
  • As a family, the tumultuous path of recovery from addiction

During my thirty-five years in Al-Anon, a 12-step program for the family and friends of alcoholics, I have accompanied countless individuals through the 12 Steps. 

As a spiritual teacher and pastor, I saw many people stuck in life transitions living small, boring lives motivated by anxiety, anger and prisoners of life-long patterns. They often lacked either a guide and/or a specific path of growth.

I have seen intimately the necessity of both a proven path for transformation and the value of a guide on the journey to help someone along.

As a Liminal Guide, it is my desire to accompany others as they explore their unique journey toward a thriving personal and professional life using the proven methodology of Liminal Space.

Together we will:

  • Build an approach to this season of your life that promotes growth and illuminates your dreams and desires
  • Ask the hard questions of your present circumstances so that you can see the truth of your life
  • Break free of change-resistant behaviors
  • Uncover what currently inhibits and trips up forward motion in your life

My hope for you at the end of our work together is that you feel proud of who you are and the way you contribute to the world, that you are able to generously accept how you’ve been created, and that you find profound joy and energy in the story you are creating.