Individual Transition Sessions

 Individual Transition Sessions, led by a certified Liminal Guide, will help you navigate ahead.  Together we’ll define the makeup of your transition, help you gain new understanding, discover a new path ahead, and determine the real steps on how to get where you want to go.

Couple Transition Sessions

When couples face a transition—be it a new baby, moving to a new city, retirement, an empty nest, or another paradigm shift—it is quite normal to move through it on parallel tracks.  Couple Transition Sessions, led by a certified Liminal Guide, will help you grow together as a couple during a transition, not get farther apart. We’ll help you discover how you can cultivate your relationship during transition and start on a path toward a shared vision and story.

Liminal Guide Certificate Program

The Liminal Guide Certificate Program is a 6-month online program designed to train helping professionals and advisors in the art of guiding major life transitions. Big life changes leave many feeling stuck, aimless and confused as they face profound challenges and uncertainty. One of our goals is to train Life Transition Guides who can help others face the challenges of their current reality with both “clear-eyed realism and unparalleled hope”.  Become equipped to guide others through significant life transitions as Certified Life Transition Guide.  

PIER Transition Groups

PIER Groups (Provoke – Invite – Explore – Restore) are small groups comprised of individuals in a similar place in life and share a common story. Together you’ll be able to normalize some of the challenges, fears, hopes, and worries you’re experiencing.  And together you’ll make strides toward your “next”.

Intensive Retreats

Have you ever wanted to step out of your daily life and just work on yourself, especially when you’re in the midst of, or on the cusp of a major life transition?  Our Intensives allows you to do just that. Over a period of five days, you will be able to approach your transition with wondering, curiosity and, most importantly, a Liminal Guide who will intentionally lead you.

Customized Retreats & Speaking

Some of the biggest transitions happen within organizations, companies, and churches. Through speaking engagements and workshops, we can provide your team and congregation with the tools and resources to proactively engage with the transition and come out stronger on the other side.