Our Space

The Liminal Space office and PIER LearningCenterLiminal Space (small Files)-29 are located 15 minutes north of Seattle in one of Washington’s most picturesque waterfront communities.  Our surroundings are serene and welcoming.

The PIER Learning Center can be found in the Harbor Building on the corner of 2nd and Main two blocks up from the ferry terminal.  Walks along the beach, quiet places to Liminal Space (small Files)-56sit and reflect, the ferry as it comes and goes, excellent coffee shops and restaurants – our clients and workshop participants love our location and how it provides additional care in the midst of whatever transition they may be navigating.

Our 1500 sq. ft. physical space is modern and
bright offering touches of warm hospitality through out.  We have comfortable sitting areas to reflect or meet with others, a library dedicated to providingLiminal Space (small Files)-2 helpful resources for transition. We also offer creative  space with interactive media including whiteboards and supplies to dream and architect futures. Our fully equipped kitchen area is available to serve comforting meals during workshops or simply a hot cup of tea or coffee during a session.

It is our hope that whether you come for one-on-one sessions, a PIER group journey or for a workshop that you feel welcome, inspired and ready to explore you liminal space.    Liminal Space (small Files)-40

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