PIER Group Testimonial :: Kim

“I went in circles in my head, unhappy with my work circumstances but terrified of the unknown. I was stuck in a rut for too long, extremely frustrated at the situation and even more frustrated at myself for getting me in that situation. I desperately wanted to change, but didn’t know what or how to ask for help to do so.

By word of mouth, I heard about Liminal Space and PIER Group. PIER Group helped me process my frustrating situation and led me to a better place. It provided a safe space to express my ruminating thoughts and other PIER members helped add perspective to my struggles. Through it, I was able to pinpoint what aspects needed to change and which needed to be present for a happier future. Aside from the personal benefits, the experience also led to an unexpected bond between members because we were going through very similar situations and genuinely cared for each other.”

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