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The PIER Learning Center is a collaborative learning environment offering workshops tailor made to meet the needs of those going through life’s most significant transitional moments – from the practical to the sacred. Taught by world-class experts, each workshop will be intense, engaging, and fun, while also being deeply informative to help you on the path to change your life.


Upcoming Courses

PLC 104Find Your Calling: Clarify what you are meant to be doing

Saturday, October 27, 2018

For many, finding answers for your life’s meaning–and having confidence in those answers–remains elusive. We believe it doesn’t need to be. Calling—Gifts — Purpose. Let’s explore them together. Join us as we work to define what calling, gifts, and purpose mean in your life to help you confidently move forward towards a fulfilling future.  

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PLC205Stress Less Parenting

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Are you finding yourself under the constant strain of feeling over-committed as a family? Join us as we learn how to navigate boundaries for you and your kids and make parenting choices that are rooted in YOUR values and vision for your family.

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