PIER Group Testimonial :: Laurel B.

I have struggled for a significant part of my life trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.  When I heard about PIER group, I knew it was for me.  As a group we listened, encouraged, and championed one another on behalf of our futures. PIER group will not simply be an armchair for encouragement.  It’s a place to roll up your sleeves and get engaged!

If you are in a difficult place, struggling to find meaning and purpose in your life and work, looking for an experience with others who will hope on your behalf and help you to connect with the desires that may be long dormant in your heart, PIER group is for you.  It just might change your life!  It truly changed mine.  I’m thrilled about the story I’m writing now and PIER group made all the difference.

PIER Group Testimonial :: Marcia H.

I was dubious at the invitation to join a small group for the purpose of navigating my own liminal space.  I knew a group like this would inherently require a vulnerability from me that I wasn’t sure I could manage given where I was in my life, how raw I felt.  I didn’t want my story to be exposed in an unsafe way with strangers.  What would they see that I had somehow missed?  What changes could realistically be achieved in twelve weeks?  Yet the possibility of the potential gain for me in taking this risk was just big enough not to ignore and I could never have guessed the goodness we would uncover, the changes we would bear witness to watching each of us step into our own unique labs.

That place was safe, sacred in a way that was real and held deep meaning for me; the time with the group was a two-hour shaft of light in the midst of weeks that I couldn’t look forward to for any other reason.  And somehow the unlooked for happened: the group became a lighthouse, a shelter for each other in the midst of our individual storms.  There is such beauty in the grip we have on each other, the firm, tenacious, and tender grip He has on each of us and what He is doing in the midst with our willingness to take one small step in His direction in choosing this risk.  We are invited to believe and we call each other to MORE.  It is stunning.  I would be so much less for not having been a part of this and them.

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