How To Be Here: Adaptability

Have you noticed? Nights are getting longer and cooler. Leaves are starting to change color. Summer got off to a slow start in the PNW, but we’ve been outdoors reveling in it the last couple months. And just as soon as we began to really soak in some consistently gorgeous summer weather, well . . . the seasons just keep a changin’ and summer’s already on the way out. What isn’t on the way out is covid-season. When the pandemic began, those of us in the northern hemisphere could console ... continue reading

How To Be Here

My wife and I bought our first home in the winter of 2019.  Immediately, we began a harrowing journey to remodel our 1960s home.  We had no plan and a woefully inadequate budget, but we also had a lot of moxie and sweat to give.At first, it was thrilling to be finally working on our house after dreaming about it for 16 years.  Many conversations would start with, “What if over here we did this...”  Then one of us might say, “Oh, I like that!  And what abou... continue reading

The Gift of Simple Pleasures

As I look back on the last month of social distancing and “Stay-at-home”, I realize this COVID-19 pandemic hits in waves—not only the “curve” we’re rightly obsessed with “flattening”—but powerful, unpredictable emotional waves.The first few weeks the waves were coming so fast, there was hardly time to get back on my feet. Directives changed daily. “Functional” meant I still had the ability to react to new information, follow new rules and get through each day in s... continue reading

Name it. Feel it. Move it.

COVID-19 Liminal Space tip of the week:“When you name it, you feel it and it moves through you. Emotions need motion. . . . Fighting it doesn’t help because your body is producing the feeling.”1  And your body will continue to produce the feeling, even if you think you’ve successfully buried it. You only buried it alive and it will find a way out.A few weeks ago we were plunged into a global “liminal space” – that intensely uncomfortable space between an ending... continue reading

These Uncertain Times

My three boys and their cards for our next-door neighbor, Ellen.A month ago, the kids were in school, we were shaking hands and had no awareness of social distance.  Words like pandemic and global recession weren’t on my radar.  Coronavirus was this far away thing on the news.  Last week, my next-door neighbor died from the virus.  His name was Alan.  I didn’t know Alan really.  We’ve only lived as neighbors for not even a year.&nb... continue reading

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